Refund Policy

1. For your peace of mind, we assure  you that all our products are in splendid condition before sending them out to be delivered. Our cakes are packaged as protectively as possible so they arrive unharmed to you. We love our cakes and want to ensure that they go to a good home that will appreciate them!
2. While we do take the precautions outlined above, accidents do happen! So if you find your item damaged beyond repair, or if we have sent you a wrong item by mistake, please help us out by taking a photo of the item as you received it and E-mailing it to us. If it was a muck-up on our part, we will then do our best to compensate you with a replacement of any cakes available here with the same value.
3. We will need to run any refund requests by our management for their consent, and once that’s sorted it can be credited into your account as an extra balance. You can then use this credit for your next purchase, or future orders with us. Regrettably, we are not able to give refunds in the form of cash.
4. If you are picking up your order from one of our outlets, please do take good care of it. A good idea would be to store the cake in the car with the air-conditioner on full blast to approximate an arctic winter, and to have a stable surface handy to place your piece of heaven on and keep it secure.